Wordfeud online game soft

How does it work?

With this Wordfeud Helper Cheat winning will be like taking candy from a baby. Enter your letters and the Helper will do the hard work for you. Read the instructions below and you're ready to up your game. Have fun!

It's simple:

Enter a maximum of 10 letters in the text box marked Your letters. For blank tiles enter a * (shift 8).

If you want to seach more specifically, click More search options.

  • Fix the position of one or more tiles of your choice by clicking them. The Wordfeud Helper will only search for words containing those letters at those fixed positions.
  • The text box Contains word or letter allows you to enter any word and/or letter already on the board you wish to use when playing your word. Example: FRUIT-N. If you want to enter more than one letter already on the board, please separate them with a hyphen. Example: A-S.
  • Use the dropdown menu to indicate the position of the letter(s) and word:
  • Anywhere
  • Begins with
  • Ends with

Let's say you type in FRUIT at Contains word or letter and you set the dropdown on Begins with. The Wordfeud Helper will now search for words starting with FRUIT and containing the letters you entered under Your letters.
Now let's say you type in FRUIT-N and set the dropdown on Ends with, the Helper searches for words ending with N and containing the word FRUIT. Example: FRUITION.

All relevant search results are automatically organised by Wordfeud Helper in a clear overview at the bottom of the page, including points per word.